10 May 2013


Submitted by isport

There have been several rumours that Sir Alex Ferguson may step down from his role as the manager of Manchester United at the end of the season. The club has only served to fuel the rumours after refusing to comment. Ferguson recently managed to guide United to the 20th league title in their history.

He has been in charge of United for the last 26 years, but there is a feeling that the health of the 71-year-old could not allow him to carry on for much longer. Ferguson almost retired back in 2003, but decided to continue due to various reasons.

He has always maintained that his health would be the determining factor in him continuing at Old Trafford, and up until last weekend he was happy kicking Mitre Footballs around on the training ground, and getting the team ready for the final matches.

Ferguson said prior to the Chelsea match last weekend that he is confident that United will be able to enjoy even more success for the next decade. He, however, fuelled the speculation by saying that it does not matter whether he is at the helm for not to oversee the success. It is understood that United have been inundated with several requests from news companies to comment on the matter, but they have refused to deny or accept the rumours. This has increased the speculation even more.

"This team of champions is not going away - we are here for the long ride. We will get better and if we apply ourselves in our normal fashion I see our 20th league title as nothing but the start of another decade of success. Whether I will be here to oversee another decade of success remains to be seen, but I certainly don't have any plans at the moment to walk away from what I believe will be something special and worth being around to see," said Ferguson in the programme notes ahead of the Chelsea match.