25 Mar 2023

England Football Chiefs to Hold Talks Over Biggest Shake-Up in Football

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According to reports, England football chiefs are set to discuss the biggest shake of the domestic football game in three decades. Allegedly, six leading figures from the EFL and Premier League and Football Association will meet in person to work through different proposals from the top-flight clubs.

Richard Masters, the Premier League chief executive is going to be a part of the meeting, as will Trevor Birch from EFL and Mark Bullingham from FA.

Among the discussions include the replays of the FA Cup, teams playing in the Europe competitions only being let to field their youth sides in Carabao Cup, and altering the date of the Community Shield.

Already, proposals have been put forward by the Premier League as a part of the ‘A New Deal for Football’ as they want to reduce fixture congestion from 2024.
Part of the deal is also going to see the clubs of the Premier League will share more of their wealth with the country's lower divisions after the EFL called for an additional £300 million. The top clubs fighting agreed to half of the figures until now.
If all three parties are unable to agree, a statutory independent regulator is going to intervene in the financial statement.
When it comes to the changes in Carabao Cup, EFL officials are open to suggestions as long as they get the financial agreement; they are ready to pay for. All the top clubs that are fighting are keen on FA Cup replays to be eliminated from the third round. At present, replays go on until the fourth round.
As all proposals are being put forward for changing the date, the Community Shield is getting ready for the biggest shake-up. Alternative suggestions include moving the game abroad or as Chelsea, Todd Boehly co-owner hopes for swapping it to the All-Stars game of the Premier League.