22 Apr 2023

England Manager Reluctant to Include Troubled Striker

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It has become public that Manchester United striker Mason Greenwood will not qualify for selection by England coach Gareth Southgate.

Mason Greenwood won't play for England while Gareth Southgate is coaching, according to the Sun. The Unified pro, 21, has kept his Three Lions dream despite dropping out with the Britain supervisor. After charges of attempted rape, assault, and controlling and coercive behavior ceased last month, he is waiting to hear whether United will reintegrate him.

According to the rules, Mason Greenwood may be eligible to play for Jamaica in September because he is eligible for the team through his mother's side. The head of the Jamaica Football Federation, Dennis Chung, stated: He only has 21 years to go, so he has a very bright future ahead of him, and I believe he will be valuable on any team he plays on.
However, Mason Greenwood is eager to restart his England career after making his debut in 2020 against Iceland at 18. He and teammate Phil Foden were sent home the following day for violating COVID rules by smuggling two women into the team hotel. Since then, Greenwood has yet to represent his country. A source stated He is clinging to the idea of returning to the highest level of play. However, Gareth Southgate highly values the team's cohesiveness and a player's talent."
However, the speculations are that the manager does not want the team to suffer from outward interventions and, as a result, is opting to leave the controversial striker out of the team. However, Mason Greenwood is still hopeful of returning to the England team in the future as he waits for his inclusion. Therefore, the future of the England football team still needs to be determined regarding adding new players.