11 Jul 2016

England is playing the best football in 15 years according to Alan Smith

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Former England player Alan Smith has stated that the England team at the Euro 2016 is playing the best football of the past 15 years.

He said that fans should not get disappointed by the lack of goals against Slovakia and take confidence in the way England is playing at the moment.

He stated that the problem nowadays is that everyone is an expert and thinks that they know everything regarding football. He admitted that the England did not have the best results against Slovakia and that it was disappointing to have not won the group. However, he believes that England is playing well and that they can go far in the tournament.

Alan Smith said that goals change a game and that they also change perception. For him, it is normal for people to say that the England team is not playing well because they have failed to score. He believes that the team has played as well as against Russia and that it is only back luck that they have not managed to score.

For him, this is the best England side for the past 15 years and that fans should be confident that they can achieve something big.

Rob Lee also stated that England fans should not be discontent because the team has qualified for the second round. He said that it was not easy for the players because Slovakia sat back and waited for England to break them down. The only way out for England was to score a goal early, and it is unfortunate that they could not manage to do it.

Rob Lee believes that if Jamie Vardy had succeeded in scoring an early goal, the match might have ended in a big victory for England.