4 Mar 2015

Premier League ranked top as Most Marketable League

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The Premier League is already known as one of the most marketable football leagues in the world with receipts of just over £ 3 billion from TV companies for the next two years.

Another milestone has been achieved after the league announced the results of TV money agreed for the period starting from 2016-17 and going to the next three years. A 70 % jump in the amount agreed has been seen as the TV companies will now be paying just over £ 5 billion for three years. This is an astronomical sum of money that will help the league attract the best players in the world.

Currently, Spain has the top names like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo and this is largely because the top duo of Real Madrid and Barcelona receive four times more than the rest of the league put together. This provides them with a huge wealth – to go along with the large commercial revenue – to pay the players huge dollars.

Reflecting on this deal, England manager Roy Hodgson says that it would be ideal if the Premier League reinvested a significant portion of this money back into the grass roots football development. The Premier league has long been criticised for reportedly inhibiting the growth of the national team.

"We (the FA) represent English football but I'm as aware as anybody that (the Premier League) is a European league played on English soil.Our interest is in getting as much money as we possibly can to improve facilities, improve coaching, so that this crop of young players we're seeing come through are followed by another crop of young players.Of course the FA doesn't have the financial resources of the Premier League so any help we can get, we'll be very, very grateful," said Hodgson to the BBC.