16 Jan 2015

Roy Hodgson advices Players to Leave Honesty

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Since the 2014 World Cup reached its end a few months ago, Roy Hodgson has gone on saying that his squad of players of England should learn from their opponents they faced in the worldwide competition and stop being so ‘’honest’’.

The English manager is referring to the fact that many teams have players that usually opt to take a dive for the possible outcome of a penalty kick or any other set-piece.

Players in the English squad have been allowed to speak concerning this idea and thought of Roy Hodgson and Gary Cahill is one that agrees with the point of view of the English coach as the defender also believes that his own teammates and himself included have been too ‘’nice’’ on occasions when playing a match.

“When players are trying to hold the ball up and you’re behind them and they are thinking. What is this guy doing?’ that’s probably when they know they are in a game, rather than letting them turn. We’ve been too nice.” Gary Cahill said.

Barcelona’s Neymar and Sergio Busquets are players that are known for their diving abilities and even though some of their falls to the ground are obviously not caused by the opponents they still manage on being rewarded on a number of occasions with important set-pieces that have helped out Barcelona and their respective nation on a few matches.

There were moments and matches in the 2014 World Cup where specific players attempted to deceive the referee and earn a set-piece which has worked out and even though it might not be the best way to win a match, it’s something that is starting to grow more and more and this is why there is always a big debate on whether or not video technology should be implemented that can allow the referee and spectators to see a replay during the moment when a player falls down and view for themselves if it was caused by an opponent or the player himself.